About me

Kremena Stanilova. 
Born in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. 
Body psychotherapist, counsellor.

Master degree in Psychology and Bulgarian and  English literature, Post-graduate specialization in Body Analytic Psychotherapy, IBPT diploma recognized by European Association of Body Psychotherapy. 

Member of Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Society, group member of EABP and BAP.

Private practice in Haskovo, Bulgaria. Individual sessions. Groups and workshops. 

Sexology lab group facilitator with students at Institute of Body Psychotherapy, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
Participation in International Body Mind Psychotherapy Congresses so in Viena, Austria, 2010 and in Cambridge, UK, 2012. 
World Conference of Councelling and Psychology in Istanbul, Turkey, 2013. Presentation: Verbal and Non-Verbal Behaviors in the Real and in the Virtual Space. 
Experience as a body psychotherapist - 8 years.
Creator of yoga-fusion balancing approach - integrating yoga, bioenergetics, body-mind analytic work, breathing and imagery meditations, dance therapy. 
Accent: enhancing body-mind awareness here and now and expanding creativity to live in happy terms with ourselves and the world.
Facilitator of body-mind workshop programs: Conversations with the Body and Centered and Connected aimed at unblocking blocked communicative models through body-mind work combining the Therapy of five motions with Dance therapy techniques.
Author of Who is Who In LIfe And On Facebook? LAP, 2013, Germany, Language of the book - English. The book can be ordered only  on-line at www.morebooks.de. 
Facebook page of the book: Who Is Who? Кой Кой Е?  About Human Characters. За човешките характери.
Contributor for holistic health pages in Bulgarian newspapers and Business Lady Magazine, Grazia magazine so far. Guest on TV and radio programs on national TV and Radio channels - BNT, BTV, TV7, Darik Radio, the  Internet medias, etc.
FB page: Body-Mind-Soul Food, 
FB: Kremena Stanilova, 
FB: Who Is Who? Кой Кой Е?  About Human Characters. За Човешките Характери.
Mobile phone: +359 897 06 33 00

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